UniFi OneBox

Your Complete WiFi AAA Solution In OneBox

Monetize your Wi-Fi network while minimizing ongoing management and operational costs.

Pick And Choose Hardware

OneBox is vendor neutral and allows administrators to connect any number of APs from different providers. UniFi your entire IT infrastructure with Pronto Network’s OneBox.

Branded Guest Login Pages

Pre-designed and device responsive login pages are available. Customizable background themes, property name and logos. Leverage walled garden site options and set access policies for unauthenticated users.

Device Specific User Interface

Optimized for smart phones and tablets for superior user experience. The OneBox’s responsive GUI interface adjusts automatically to device’s resolution, screen size and capabilities.

Policy Management

Policy Management option defines and enforces access time & bandwidth policies to control end user network access speeds.

User And Device Management

User and Device Management allows OneBox administrators to create and manage network hierarchy. Create additional admin users and manage user passwords with the simple OneBox interface. Insight into customer details and device management are centralized in OneBox, streamlining the entire management process for administrators.

Voucher Management

Voucher Management from the Dashboard allows the Front Desk /Administrator to create and distribute Offline/Online Vouchers (with various time and data download permutations and combinations, including a unique bandwidth assignment policy). Vouchers can be purchased on the Login Page using a credit card, distributed through SMS messages (optional), or included in the Guest’s Hotel bill via integrations with Hotel’s Property Management System.


OneBox is compliant with all relevant legal and wireless security standards. UNIFi logs relevant internet access details of connected customers. Access logs can be transferred to external storage systems for extended analysis.


Online Reports are available for Access History, Voucher Distribution, Bandwidth and Revenue data. Embedded analytics tools provide graphical representation of useful metrics and interesting marketing data. Leverage UNIFi OneBox data set to create access reports (unique users, devices, OS and browsers). Optimize user experience by reviewing average Internet response time, and influence management discussions through data driven suggestions.

Remote Support

Remote support can be enabled by the IT Administrator. Pronto’s technical support team can perform remote maintenance, diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks. Benefit from Pronto’s extended network management skill for worldwide deployments.

Simplify management for non-technical team members through Unifi OneBox’s user friendly Dashboard.

Reduce Capex by bundling of all required features into a single appliance.

Streamlines the authentication process automatic login for repeat Wi-Fi users.

Monetize Wi-Fi access with easy Voucher management.

Promote your brand with customized Guest Login pages.

Stay current with real-time monitoring data and usage reports.

Optional remote assistance and trouble shooting from Pronto Networks.

Linux Platform for enterprise-class security, client session protection, and network stability features.

Leverage powerful diagnostics to ensure your service goes uninterrupted.

Pronto UniFi OneBox

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