UNIFi Controller

A complete Cloud based solution for your Wi-Fi needs

The UNIFi Cloud Controller is a next generation cloud Wi-Fi network configuration,
management and monitoring solution that deliver enterprise class functionality
while eliminating upfront costs for on-site setup and maintenance.

Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Services

Web Dashboard

Zero Touch Configurations
& Upgrade

& Alerts




Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Services

PCC comes equipped with automatic maintenance & firmware management, real time network monitoring, Wi-Fi management and complete technical assistance. The user-friendly interface of the PCC eliminates the hassles of a complicated command line interface, making it easy to monitor, troubleshoot and manage groups of Access Points.

  • Real time monitoring
  • Detailed Access Point Listing
  • Bulk Provisioning of inventory of Access Points

Intuitive Web Dashboard

PCC’s intuitive dashboard provides a real time and historical graphical representation of network activities and performance. On this single dashboard view, you can view metrics of access points and clients, along with location mapping. Easily isolate problems and troubleshoot with simple workflow, granular details and search intelligence.

  • Get information about connected clients for fast troubleshooting
  • Track individual client data, including signal strength and device type
  • View network and security snapshots over a predefined period
  • Receive reports via email and export them to a PDF

Zero Touch Configurations and Upgrade

Pronto Cloud Controller facilitates an automatic or manual firmware upgrade for a group of Access Points simultaneously and also has the provision of NTP configuration.

  • Single Configuration Point
  • Faster Response Time
  • Automatic Provisioning

Notifications & Alerts

With PCC’s high-class monitoring feature, it is possible to monitor all your network activities on a single platform. In cases of failures or errors in the monitored resource or service, PCC will automatically and immediately send you a notification via email or SMS, facilitating you to take the necessary actions.


Network Management

The UNIFi Controller supports multiple SSIDs. Each SSID is configurable with its own settings for authentication, encryption, bandwidth limits, etc.


Inventory Management

The UNIFi Controller facilitates the creation of multiple networks, which further allows several inventories to be added under them. The Controller supports complete Pronto PIAP and Mobile Router inventory management.


Key Features

Easy Visibility & Quick Access

User friendly and intuitive dashboard

Operational Efficiency

Periodic feature and firmware upgrade at no additional cost

Save on Capex

Eliminate expensive on-site controller and no hidden costs

24/7 Assistance

Round the clock technical assistance

Seamless RF Management

Efficient network monitoring for noise and interference

Highly secure

Rich security features with flexible access policies


PCC supports automatic failover, thus network functions are not affected

Quick Deployment

Zero touch provisioning of the Controller reduces deployment time

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