Smart Ways for Construction Job Sites to Connect to the Internet

April 9, 2022

construction site internet for Procore and Autodesk cloud
Construction manager and engineer working on building site with internet with tablet

Construction job sites are notoriously difficult to connect to the internet. This is often due to the remote location of the site, as well as the construction equipment that can interfere with signals. However, there are now 4G solutions that can provide a reliable and managed internet connection for these job sites. These solutions can help to improve communication and collaboration onsite, as well as allow for better access to online resources.

The business case for connecting job sites to the internet:

Construction job sites are often located in rural areas, far from the reach of traditional wired broadband infrastructure. This can make it difficult for construction companies to stay connected to their office, collaborators, and clients. As a first onsite beachhead, most construction companies setup a trailer. Trailer Connectivity becomes the first step in having required communication with construction job site.

Fortunately, there are now managed internet connectivity solutions that can keep construction job sites connected. 4G solutions provide a high-speed wireless connection that can help construction companies improve communication and collaboration, as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

In addition, connecting job sites to the internet can also help construction companies stay compliant with safety regulations. Many construction companies are required to submit daily reports on safety compliance and by using a managed internet connectivity solution, construction companies can easily and quickly submit these reports, without having to rely on paper forms or fax machines. Construction SAAS companies like Procore Technologies recommend IOT connectivity on job site which requires a reliable Internet on job sites. Autodesk construction cloud is another major provider of construction management software that benefits from Internet connectivity on site.

Overall, the business case for connecting construction job sites to the internet is clear. Managed internet connectivity solutions can help construction companies improve communication and collaboration, increase efficiency and productivity, and stay compliant with safety regulations.

The benefits of 4G solutions for construction job sites:

One of the major benefits of 4G solutions for construction job sites is that it helps in boosting productivity. For example, with 4G, construction workers can easily access online resources such as project plans, instructions, and blueprints. Additionally, 4G also provides a more reliable and consistent connection than other types of internet connectivity solutions, which can be crucial for time-sensitive construction projects. In addition to increased productivity, 4G solutions can also help save on costs associated with construction projects. For instance, 4G can enable real-time monitoring of construction progress, which can help identify potential problems early on and avoid costly delays.

How to get started with 4G internet for your construction job site:

If you’re looking to get started with 4G internet for your construction job site, the first step is to contact a reliable provider like Pronto Networks who can offer you a managed solution. 4G internet can keep your job site connected and ensure that you have the bandwidth you need to stay productive. With a managed solution, you can also enjoy features like failover protection and enhanced security.

IN Conclusion:

A 4G connection is a necessity when it comes to keeping your construction job site connected. A perfect connectivity solution includes a reliable and affordable internet connection that works at remote construction sites. By using a managed 4G solution, you can be sure that your job site will stay connected and you can manage, scale and monitor your internet usage easily. 

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