PC61C4 | WIFI6 Cloud Managed Cat-4 4G LTE Router

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Cloud Managed 4G LTE Router with Cat-4 Qualcomm Modem

Pronto Networks PC-61C4 series routers are high-speed 4G LTE routers that provide plug-and-play wireless connectivity for fixed business and mobile vehicles. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises, Branch offices, remote working, Airbnb, and POS deployments, the PC-61C4 is a versatile solution that offers wired Ethernet and high-speed 4G wireless WAN connectivity.

Enterprise Cloud Controller

The PC-61C4 4G gateway routers come cloud-enabled and allow easy visibility of a location’s wired and wireless network from an intuitive web interface. The Pronto Cloud Controller allows partners to deploy complex Wi-Fi networks while reducing costs rapidly. Manage multisite networks remotely and deploy new firmware and enhancements over the web without any need for dedicated onsite resources. With advanced security and routing features, the IT team can leverage enterprise features to further encrypt and manage their networks. 

Enterprise Performance

The PC-61C4 Router supports 3-gigabit ethernet ports and integrated dual-concurrent 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz radios with data rates of 1.8Gbps on wireless radios. This allows for a high-speed 4G LTE wireless connection that can be used as a primary WAN connection, robust failover, or to support M2M technologies.

Ideal ISP replacement Solution

PC-61C4 can be your primary Internet connection, replacing any wired Internet connectivity. Available with Pronto eSIM works on all major US Wireless Carriers, connectivity costs can be monitored and managed from the SIM billing console

  • UNLOCKED FOR MULTI OPERATOR USE: PC-61C4 is an unlocked 4G LTE WIFI6 Internet Router with an embedded SIM Card for any Operator except Verizon
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TTL: Cloud Manager allows to update TTL settings for outgoing traffic on the 4G Interface. Phone and tablet SIM can be used without the need for specialized Hotspot plans
  • BAND LOCKING SUPPORT: Use intuitive cloud controller dashboard to lock 5G modem to any supported band. In USA, all 4G LTE bands including FirstNet (B14) are supported
  • EASY SETUP AND INSTALL: Just plug the SIM and run. Default configuration requires no further setup
  • AUTO SWITCHOVER: Switch to 4G LTE when primary ISP fails. Alternatively, use 4G as a primary Internet

Unlimited onboarding and technical support are available via online chat and ticketing system

Multi-Carrier SIM

Pronto SIM works on all major carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) and gives you the ability to find a feasible network wherever you need it. No need to worry about changing carriers when one single SIM can work on all of them.

Pronto Cloud Controller

Use Pronto Cloud Controller to configure and manage one or thousands of Routers, Access Points, and switches – all from a friendly user interface.

You are in control

Have a total control on when to enable, disable or pause data service. Perfect for occasional use, RVs, Airbnb and IOT Devices

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