Pronto to build and manage wireless broadband WiMAX network for Redhawk

Denver, CO- January 17, 2007: Redhawk today announced the agreement with Pronto networks to build a WiMAX network at its 550-acre city. Redhawk plans to create the biggest domain specific community, spread over 550 plus acres for 20000 employees, in India. The city will be focused for financial services companies to house their captive operations. Redhawk’s CEO today mentioned that Redhawk’s unique ‘Twenty Minute Lifestyle’ approach to building the community will deliver quality life style to employees and huge productivity gains for the financial services companies. “The planned deployment of the WiMAX network is another major milestone towards providing our clients an environment that allows them to grow their employee base and also help increase productivity.”

Redhawk Investments Group is focused on financial services companies as they are the biggest users of IT infrastructure and technology. High bandwidth availability allows employees to be more productive through out the community. It is critical that these companies have the state of the art infrastructure to provide connectivity to its employees and stakeholders.

Jasbir Singh, CEO of Pronto Networks commented, “We are excited to partner with Redhawk to create a state of the art wireless access environment for the financial city. Pronto Networks is a leader in building and operating the seamless wireless network using Wi-Fi and WiMAX technologies and look forward to work with partners such as Redhawk to create an environment where we can offer ubiquitous broadband bandwidth on a large scale.”

About WiMAX
WiMAX is defined as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access by the WiMAX Forum, formed in June 2001 to promote conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.16 standard, officially known as WirelessMAN. WiMAX has been promoted by some of the larger industry leaders such as Intel, Sprint Nextel and Clearwire.

About Redhawk Investments Group
Redhawk Investments Group, located in Denver is in the business to assist in the development of real estate opportunities in India. Its purpose is to help develop a domain-specific real estate park in India for the financial services industry. The group conjoins the tremendous opportunity in the Indian real estate market and the need for financial services companies to develop a presence in India, in order to cater to local markets and develop the companies’ global back offices. Redhawk Investments Group has developed a plan for building a community of captive financial services centers for about twenty thousand employees along with residential, healthcare, retail and recreational facilities for the employees and their families all within a twenty minute radius. This lifestyle will provide clients with additional 30 % savings through lower turnover, higher employee engagement, better training opportunities and superior customer service.

About Pronto Networks
Pronto Networks, based in Pleasanton, California, provides a carrier-class operation support system (OSS) that enables service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively provision, deploy and manage large-scale, broadband wireless networks. The company’s core software product, UniFi OSS Platform, handles provisioning, multiple authentication options, subscriber management, captive portal customization, prepaid and post-paid billing, customer care, remote network management and roaming settlement. It also serves as a flexible platform for delivering next-generation services. Pronto Networks is funded by BV Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and the Intel Communications Fund. Pronto Networks was recently named to the AlwaysOn List of Top 100 Private Companies for the third consecutive year. In 2003, the company received Wired Magazine’s Top 25 Wi-Fi Companies to Watch and Computerworld’s Innovative Technology Awards. For more information about Pronto Networks, visit