Pronto provides WiMAX CSN for Airlink broadband WiMAX

Bangalore, 18 September 2008: Pronto Networks is proud to announce the successful launch of its UniFi WiMAX CSN suite of software products for WiMAX operators. The WIMAX CSN suite has been used to successfully deploy residential and commercial broadband services for Airlink Broadband.

Airlink Broadband is India’s first 100% next generation wireless broadband access service provider. Launched in fall of 2006, Airlink offers WiFi and WiMAX based access services to various markets in India. The company has deployed WiMAX services in the North India markets of Delhi-Haryana corridor, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and plan to extend that coverage to 500 markets in next 3 years.

Pronto Networks has designed the UniFi CSN as a turnkey back-office solution for large and small WiMAX operators, regardless of their choice of WiMAX hardware. It can also be deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for smaller, green-field, WiMax operators and other Virtual Network Operators. Pronto’s UniFi WiMAX CSN offers turnkey billing for converged services, subscriber provisioning, service management and control, and CPE self provisioning capabilities.

Airlink Broadband’s Vice President of Sales, Mr. Gurinder Goindi, described the WiMAX network, “The current deployment of WIMAX Network is using 802.11d equipment from Airspan and a turnkey CSN from Pronto Networks. We are exploring options of 802.16e equipment to commence deployment in 2009.” Mr. Goindi continued, “Our target customers for Airlink are in the suburban and rural India markets where the availability of cable, DSL, and other conventional Broadband options are limited.”
Airlink Broadband is India’s premium provider of wireless broadband access service. It specializes in providing secure, locally branded, high-speed wireless broadband Internet access solutions. Airlink’s solution is a robust and proven product with “AAA” (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) capability that is backed by a world class centralized management and customer support infrastructure.

About Airlink
Launched in 2006, Airlink is a premium provider of nationwide wireless broadband Internet access in India. Its robust network is built on a future ready platform that seamlessly integrates with evolving technologies to provide an uninterrupted, high bandwidth, fast and secure access. Its best in class back office and service delivery solution combines to provide a rich user experience that is highly affordable to all class of Internet users. In short, Airlink redefines Internet usage in India. The service portfolio for Airlink includes Broadband and Internet Telephony services. The recent relaxations announced by the Government of India allowing Unrestricted Internet Telephony Services is expected to provide huge boost to Airlink’s Revenue and plans are underway to tap this huge opportunity potential.

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