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PP14 – A low cost 4G LTE Router

PP14 is a best value 4G LTE Router for many common applications. Designed to be a low cost, plug and play 4G Router, it comes pre-configured with a PRONTO SIM Card. When used with a Pronto SIM, you don’t need to mess with any configurations, just connect power and start using internet.

With 3 Ethernet ports and a 802.11N WIFI, you get ability to connect multiple computers and devices. It even has ability to connect an external outdoor LPDA antenna or an indoor high gain 4G antenna.

PP14 allows for modification of TTL setting via its intuitive user interface. You can set TTL settings and other related attributes

It is possible to lock 4G band to your desired LTE band. Modem advanced settings allow you to send a desired AT command to set band to a desired setting. It is important to note that if your carrier does not support a band, this command will not result in any action.

Unlocked 4G LTE Router PP14 is avaiable for purchase in different variants from ecommerce portals like SMBWIFI, AMAZON and many others. You can purchase it with bundled Pronto SIM card as well.


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