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Pronto Cloud Controller – Experience the Power of Enterprise Cloud Management


The Pronto Cloud Controller (PCC) is a next generation cloud Wi-Fi network configuration, management and monitoring solution that deliver enterprise class functionality while eliminating upfront costs for on-site setup and maintenance.

Zero Touch deployment

Easily deploy and manage your complex network with a plug and play solution

Real-world View

Maintain a realtime pulse across all your devices – wired, mobile, IoT, 4G

Advanced Services

Make your WiFi a revenue generating tool with WIFI analytics and automation

Intuitive Web Dashboard

Pronto Cloud Controller offers a ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ secure interface from which all management, monitoring and control functions are executed. Easily resolve problems with simple workflow, granular details and intelligent search.

  • Comprehensive cloud-based application for deploying, monitoring and servicing field devices
  • Ensure rapid response time and ensure business continuity
  • Empower IT department to resolve issues faster and more efficiently

Zero-Touch Configuration and Upgrade

Deploy any number of devices in your cloud instance and
configure them quickly and easily.
 The PCC reduces total cost of ownership significantly while providing operators with an
efficient tool device to manage distributed networks.

  • Setup networks from a single Configuration Point
  • Ensure Faster Response Time
  • Automatically provision and configure networks with minimal user overhead

Firmware Upgrades

Pronto Cloud Controller minimizes the administrative overhead by centrally managing the firmware upgrade process for its Access Points and Routers. Administrators can schedule or perform the upgrade manually using the dashboard.

  • Reduce truckrolls by updating new firmwares straight from the cloud
  • Version control with firmware management system
  • Deploy extensive updates across multiple networks with a push of a button

Inventory Management

The UNIFi Controller facilitates the creation of multiple networks, which further allows several inventories to be added under them.
The Controller supports complete Pronto PIAP and Mobile Router inventory management.

  • Upload any number of devices into PCC inventory for quick configuration
  • Create multiple networks or group and transfer devices quickly

Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Services

PCC comes equipped with network monitoring, Wi-Fi management and complete technical assistance. The user-friendly interface of the PCC eliminates the hassles of a complicated command line interface, making it easy to monitor, troubleshoot and manage Pronto’s line of routers and access points.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detailed Access Point Listing
  • Bulk Provisioning of inventory of Access Points

Real-time Management

PCC’s intuitive dashboard allows real-time viewing and management of the Wi-Fi network in real time. It provides ability to set alert thresholds for critical elements and generate automatic notifications against a number of failure cases.

  • Alerts when a router is down
  • Volume of bandwidth consumed
  • If there is an extensive load on your network

Troubleshooting Tools

Pronto Cloud Controller includes live tools integrated directly into the dashboard, that provide instant and historical analysis of performance, connectivity, and more. Visibility into devices, users, and applications provides administrators information needed to enforce security policies and plan network enhancements.

  • Troubleshooting tools such as ping to test IP-level connectivity
  • Record packet capture and DNS routing
  • Reboot field units easily and quickly through the PCC application


PCC supports event logging that helps provide information about network traffic, usage and other conditions. These logs are retrieved by security professionals or automated security systems to help network administrators manage various aspects such as security, performance and transparency.

  • Pull logs for remote networks from PCC cloud GUI
  • Review and compare historical logs to ID network issues


Alert helps real-time monitoring and notifications when certain network or device event occurs. In cases of failures or errors in the monitored resource or service, PCC will automatically and immediately send you a notification via email or SMS. Alert triggers help admins take timely actions against issues such as network outrages, router failures or when the data threshold is exceeded.

  • Set device, client or network alerts
  • Set 4G modem alerts for 4G failover product line
  • Assign alerts to multiple stakeholders based on role
  • Trigger realtime actions based network alerts


Generate and manage reports that capture useful metrics from your devices.

  • Generate reports based on devices, usage and for selected time frames
  • Export reports to CSV for easy integration into Excel
  • Download reports in PDF format
  • View network and security snapshots over a predefined period

Intelligent Forecasting

Learn from your network statistics to forecast best practices to manage your network. Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum and your WiFi is no exception. Advancing logging and management solutions let networks of any size take data driven actions.

  • Upgrade with automatic and Intelligent system updates
  • Alerts and System Notifications for real time pulse of your network

Marketing Automation and WiFI Analytics

Benefit from next-generation WiFi analytics and integrated marketing automation that converts networking products
into a revenue generator.

  • Analytics solution built for multisite analysis and management
  • Marketing automation to drive sales and activity via email marketing, SMS, BLE and more


Integrate PCC data to enterprise applications with our open API.

  • Build custom modules by integrating PCC data into your services portfolios
  • Real-time information delivered automatically
  • Create a seamless connection with custom enterprise modules
  • Integrate with custom support workflows

Cellular Data

Monitor cellular data across all networks through the cloud software. Optimize network setting to adjust ongoing 4G expenses.

  • Optimize 4G data for individual use cases
  • Review realtime and historical 4G data trends
  • Review 4G data costs, recharge through Pronto Networks cloud application

Device Analytics

PCC’s intuitive dashboard provides a real time and historical graphical representation of network activities and performance.
Through the single pane of glass, network admins can view metrics of access points and clients, along with location mapping.
Easily isolate problems and troubleshoot with simple workflow, granular details and search intelligence.

  • Get information about connected clients for fast troubleshooting
  • Track individual client data, including signal strength and device type
  • View network and security snapshots over a predefined period
  • Receive reports via email and export them to a PDF

User Analytics

PCC’s dashboard is designed to allow network admins to analyze user insights through an intuitive graphic interface. With the embedded analytic tool, the administrator gets a graphical representation of useful metrics and interesting marketing data which can be used in management discussions or reports.

  • Review unauthenticated and authenticated user trends
  • Forecast network scale and optimize your network based on invenue traffic

Network Analytics

Review WAN and 4G uptime across your network to optimize your networks.

  • Upload any number of devices into PCC inventory for quick configuration
  • Create multiple networks or group and transfer devices quickly

Pronto Cloud Controller

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