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PC30 – 802.11AC Router for Small Business

PC30 | Dual Concurrent Band POE enabled Router for Small Businesses

Cloud Managed 802.11ac Router with three Gigabit LAN Ports, 1 WAN Port helps mainstreet businesses manage their on-premise Wi-Fi securely and from any location

PC30 - 11AC Router for SMB

Perfect for Businesses

The ideal 802.11AC device for enhanced securi ty paired with robust cloud management for all your networking needs. Monitor your network performance remotely and manage all your business on the go through a simple to manage web interface. Take control of your networking today.

Enterprise Performance

PC-30 Router supports LAN speeds of 1.0 Gbps and has integrated dual-concurrent 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz radio supporting data rates of 1.2Gbps on wireless radios.

Wireless Connectivity

Pronto Networks PC-30 series provide plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises and POS deployments, the PC-30 is a versatile solution that offers wired Ethernet and 4G/3G wireless WAN connectivity via USB connected modem.

Enterprise Cloud Controller

The PC-3o gateway routers come cloud enabled and allow for easy visibility of a location’s wired and wireless network from an intuitive web interface. The Pronto Cloud Controller allows partners to rapidly deploy complex Wi-Fi networks while reducing costs. Manage multi site networks remotely and deploy new firmware and enhancements over the web without any need for dedicated onsite resources

Use cases to suit many applications

5G Routers

5G LTE Networks are new and so are 5G Routers. More and more businesses are adopting 5G LTE either to set up a backup network connection or to gain internet access when other means, such as Cable...


Questions about PC30

Learn about PC30, a state of the art feature rich, cloud managed 802.11AC Router

Does it support 4G LTE

There is no built in 4G Modem in this router but you can connect a supported 4G USB modem to its USB port and get same benefits as built in module

Does it support VLANs and tagging

Standard compliant VLAN creation and tagging is supported. You can create VLANs and assign Wi-Fi SSIDs and ethernet ports to VLANs

Is it POE Capable

PC-30 can be powered by either an included 12V, 1.5A power adapter or 802.3af POW on WAN port

Can you supply 4G SIM for my USB Modem

Pronto 4G SIM will work with most supported 4G USB Modems. Please ask about your specific USB modem by opening a ticket at

Does PC30 support Layer7 Firewalls

Both L7 and L3 firewall rules can be created from Pronto Cloud Controller. Firewall rules can be applied to one or many routers in a network

Can I run guest networks

PC30 can create multiple SSIDs and one of those SSID can be dedicated to guest networks. Basic Captive portal functionality is available in Pronto Cloud Controller. For advanced Captive Portal and analytics, we recommend to use Wavespot.

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