PC – 31

Key Features

Multiple functions such as Primary access, M2M, failover support flexible deployment scenarios

Embedded enterprise grade LTE-Advanced wireless module for business continuity

Protect connected clients with advanced encryption, VLANs and segmentation tools

The Pronto Networks PC-31 is a reliable, secure LTE gateway that provides plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. With the state-of-the-art-global LTE Advanced coverage, the PC-31 provides broadband connectivity to business critical equipments.

Enterprise Performance

PC-31 Router supports WLAN speeds of 1.6 Gbps and has integrated dual-concurrent 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz radio supporting data rates of 1.2Gbps on wireless radios. With high speed 4G/3G wireless connectivity, enterprise can deliver 4G as a primary WAN connection, robust failover or to support M2M technologies.

Wireless Connectivity

Pronto Networks PC-31 series routers are high speed LTE advanced routers that provide plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises and POS deployments, the PC-31 is a versatile solution that offers wired Ethernet and 4G/3G wireless WAN connectivity.

Enterprise Cloud Controller

The PC-31 4G gateway routers come cloud enabled and allow for easy visibility of a location’s wired and wireless network from an intuitive web interface. The Pronto Cloud Controller allows partners to rapidly deploy complex Wi-Fi networks while reducing costs. Manage multi site networks remotely and deploy new firmware and enhancements over the web without any need for dedicated onsite resources.

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We’ve got you covered!

Pronto Networks routers come with the industry’s best out-of-the-box coverage. Remote support can be enabled by the administrator so that our technical support team can perform remote maintenance, screen shares, diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks. Critical system logs can be easily transferred to any external storage system. Powerful and efficient diagnostics ensure that the application performance problems are discovered and resolved. We also offer a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and quick turnaround on hardware replacements. Additional warranty packages are available.

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