Outdoor Networks

Dedicated 4G LTE networks to support custom applications and IoT offerings are a growth market globally. These networks are often the backbone of mission critical solutions that need robust 4G LTE connectivity and wide area WiFi connectivity. Pronto Networks offers a full suite of products and solutions unique to the outdoor market.



Outdoor LTE CPE connects to nationwide robust LTE network.

Indoor PC-30:

802.11ac device powered by outdoor
LTE provides indoor coverage

Ruggedized PC-32 Outdoor LTE Router:

IP 65 certified 802.11ac cloud managed routers

PIAP Outdoor Access Points:

Deploy high capacity 802.11ac cloud managed WiFi certified to withstand extreme conditions

Solar MESH:

Pronto Networks cloud managed 802.11ac access point powered by integrated solar battery.


Weatherproof, UV resistant, outdoor enclosures ? Wall or Pole Mounted.

Manage field networks from the cloud

Manage your outdoor LTE solutions with Pronto Cloud Controller. Rapidly deploy and manage your multi-site wireless network from a single pane of glass. Enable advanced analytics, increase productivity and capture unparalleled value from your network.

Outdoor Spotlight

Learn how a renowned Agritech organization benefits from Pronto Networks line of 4G solutions to provide connectivity to mission critical projects.

Outdoor Networks Solutions Package

The Outdoor solution offers a complete end to end offering tailored to support complex outdoor reqirements.

Pronto Cloud Controller

Cloud Managed I LTE Support I
Multi-site Management


Robust Design built for Outdoor

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