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Pronto’s UniFi OSS software is a carrier-class Operations Support System for large-scale, public WLAN networks. The UniFi OSS is an open, standards-based Wi-Fi service delivery solution that enables rapid, cost-effective wireless broadband deployment and lower ongoing operational costs.


Multiple Solutions, One Platform

The UniFi OSS provides a tightly integrated platform that enables plug-n-play provisioning of edge devices, real-time authentication, subscriber management, billing mediation, customer care, roaming settlement and network management, all in a single platform for optimal efficiency.

Key features of the Pronto UniFi OSS

Plug-n-Play Provisioning of Edge Devices

Enables remote provisioning, monitoring and management of multi-vendor edge devices.

Subscriber Management

Allows for bulk provisioning of existing users as well as NOC managed user provisioning. Provides real-time session, subscriber and network information. Includes customer care functionality, including subscriber self-care, incident tracking and account adjustment and refund.

Service Creation

Enables definition of different service plan profiles, including usage-based, flat rate plans, peak/off-peak billing, and location-specific plans. Handles multiple payment options, including credit cards and pre-paid cards, and allows definition of different classes of service. The service plans can be restricted on a per location basis.

Multiple Authentication Realms

Provides RADIUS AAA support as well as other multiple authentication options through external sources, including external RADIUS, MAC based authentication, LDAP, etc.

Remote Network Management

Allows real-time viewing and management of the WiFi network edge elements manages real-time session quality and network information. Provides ability to set alert thresholds for edge elements and generate automatic email alerts i.e. on payment gateway or QoS failure.

Billing and Mediation

Enables rating and billing mediation into existing postpaid billing systems, and supports pre-paid billing. It also allows the user to include tax components while defining the price plans. Built-in credit card fraud prevention functionality ensures authenticity and security inherent in the transactions. The wide payment options are enabled as well by integration with various payment gateways as Verisign, Worldpay, ICICI, etc.

Quality of Service

Stores all subscriber and network (QoS) Quality of Service data for customer care and network maintenance. Allows bandwidth partitioning and corresponding SLA mapping. The SLA will include what services a subscriber can access.

Roaming Services

Manages roaming agreements with major aggregators, including iPass, and Boingo and offers Inter-WISP roaming. Provides integrated clearing, settlement and reconciliation. Users can view the roaming session history as well.


Allows NOCs and WISPs to gather information on usage details including service plan activity (prepaid sales and refunds), customer activity (subscription, cancellations), invoicing (details, payments, refunds), roaming settlements, Tax reports, summary reports, etc.; based on a highly customized view with level-wise structuring for NOC, WISP and the location. System also gives user an option of page-wise view of reports. Also the dynamic reports generated by the system can be manipulated.

Pronto’s Operations Support System uniquely addresses all the technical and operational requirements for an end-to-end WLAN infrastructure, and it can scale
transparently to support hotspot deployments of any size, from small cafés to airports, convention centers and hotels to city-wide metro hotzones.

Solution Components

The Pronto UniFi solution for WiFi networks consists of the following components

Pronto UniFi OSS

Deployed at the NOC, this includes:

  • Customer Registration Portal Server
  • Prepaid Card Generation Engine and Management
  • Multiple Authentication Modules (RADIUS, LDAP, etc.)
  • Oracle 10G Database Server
  • Other load balancers, servers, etc. for redundant architectures
  • Carrier Scale Redhat Linux AS 4.0 deployment
  • Optional Modules include:

– Software Gateways Modules to other Authentication Systems, etc.

– Service Assurance Modules

Pronto Managed Services Platform

    • Pronto UniFi OSS hosted at Pronto NOC
    • A layered architecture to support multiple Wireless ISPs on a single OSS

– Each WISP supports a logical hierarchy of unlimited number of Franchises, Locations

    • Integration with Verisign Payment Gateway for online transactions
    • Extensive customization per WISP

– Customer registration portals, customer service, network monitoring applications, etc.

  • WISP Support Center Personnel
  • Help Desk for Subscribers and other Ad-hoc Users

Pronto Service Controllers and/or Pronto Service Gateways

Provides Service Control on per user/ subscriber basis to provide access control functions that can be integrated with other content control capabilities. The PSG resides on a enterprise Linux server. A single PSG can support upto 2000 concurrent users. The smaller PSC supports 75 concurrent users, and has a built-in 802.11b/g radio, to support smaller locations.

Pronto Professional Services Team

  • Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Project Management and Project Planning Services
  • Customization and Network Operations Services

Pronto Business Model Options

As part of its Managed Services Platform (MSP), Pronto offers a complete service management solution for WiFi networks. This includes turnkey billing and service provisioning capabilities. The MSP service pricing includes the following components

  • MSP fee on per PSC/PSG element basis – This is a per node monthly fee
  • Revenue Sharing with WISP
  • MSP contracts, designed for a Build-Operate model, are typically for a year (6 month minimum), with transition plans provided to service providers that desire A Build-Operate-Transfer model
  • Additional Setup and Customization fees, as applicable
  • Help Desk Fee (optional) – A predefined amount per month includes a minimum number of customer support calls. Additional calls are billed in arrears.

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