Internet Connectivity for RVs, Boats, Vacation Homes

Pronto Cloud Management combined with PC-17 4G failover router is a disruptively priced option for mobile networks. Applicable to transportation departments, mobile command centers and more, access to mission critical application while on the go is now a necessity. Leverage 4G LTE to power on-board telemetry, surveillance, and more.
Quick Setup:

With LTE connectivity and zero touch cloud provisioning, fleet routers can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective:

Reduce overhead costs with Pronto’s all-in-one networking solutions. Reduce complexity, manual labor and costs.


Pronto builds ruggedized mobile routers built to withstand extreme environments.

Enterprise-grade Security:

Pronto’s PC-31 routers are PCI compliant, thus fulfilling the security standards for credit card processing.

Management Made Simple:

Pronto’s networking solution can be managed centrally with the Pronto Networks Enterprise cloud offering.

Public Access:

Enable captive portal to provide travelers with secure high speed access. Manage bandwidth access & access policy with UniFiOne

Support Vehicle IoT:

Operate vehicle entertainment, sensors and vehicle IoT offerings with a robust and resilient LTE network.

Subscription Plans:

Generate revenue from traveler by charging for access. Leverage UniFiOne offering to configure vouchers and ongoing subscription plans.

The Pronto Cloud Optimized for Mobile LTE

Together with the Pronto Cloud Controller, you have a one-stop platform to provision devices, monitor data usage and remotely analyze software versions and configurations. For mobile command centers, public transportation and fleets the Pronto Networks mobile routers are a disruptive offering.

Customer Engagement Programs

Today’s customer is expecting a new type of WiFi solution. Leverage in WiFi customer engagement tools to connect with riders, create media engagements and increase repeat travel bookings. Pronto Networks’ UniFi platform introduces new monetization opportunities for transportation groups.

Mobile Spotlight

Learn how thousands of buses are being powered by Pronto Networks Mobile Solutions

Mobile Networks Solutions Package
The Mobile solution offers a complete end to end offering tailored to support Fleet, Public and Law enforcement.
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