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IOT Networks

IoT offerings have transformed the way enterprises operate operations today. With the proliferation of wide scale IoT solutions, businesses today are beginning to suffer from a robust and flexible LTE solution. Pronto Networks IoT & M2M routers offer a new way to support field IoT offering with a robust LTE network and industry leading cloud management.


Leverage PCC Rest API to integrate
with Smart city applications

Deploy on the edge to support
IoT products that need optimized 4G LTE

4G LTE Advanced solution for redundancy

4G Optimization for always on LTE

Environmental and safety sensors

Power Camera networks with
4G LTE for always on experience

Door locks and security products

All In One IoT

Built to support a range of IoT & M2M cases, including kiosks, signage, sensors, smart city automation and more, the PC-14 product line offers a cost effective cloud managed LTE solution. Powered by Pronto’s Industry leading cloud management and inbuilt analytics, the Pronto suite provides a simple solution to support field deployments and maximize uptime.

Device Management

Complete end to end offering to support IoT products. The PC-14 robust hardware comes bundled with site management, for control of cellular and local device networks. The multi-role admin solution allows multiple enterprise stakeholders such as IT, Operations and Strategy to work together on field deployments. No license or ongoing support support cost makes launching a IoT network cost effective.

Advanced Security & Routing

Branch networks needs to benefits from a secure networking solution. Pronto Networks PC-14 line is purpose built to protect complex branch network with enterprise security. Paired with pronto cloud, the PC IoT routers provide a full featured cloud management offering.

Manage All Your Devices From Anywhere

Manage your IoT offerings with Pronto Cloud Controller. Rapidly deploy and manage your multi-site wireless network from a single pane of glass. Support downstream IoT products and enforce policy management centrally.

Value-added Services

Learn how IoT a solution uses Pronto PC-14 to support their digital displays deployments across the USA and Canada.

IoT Networks Solutions Package

The IoT solution offers a complete end to end offering tailored to support modern IoT deployments.

Pronto Cloud Controller

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