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The popularity of Airbnb has exploded in recent years, with the average host earning $9,600 annually.

With over four million hosts on Airbnb and more than 5.6 global listings, competition is stiff when seeking that “Superhost” badge. Superhosts provide an extraordinary experience, going above and beyond their guests’ expectations.

A great Airbnb WiFi connection is something that’s expected, especially as the “work from anywhere” trend continues. It’s so important that Airbnb recently released a tool in Airbnb app that allows hosts to check and confirm their Airbnb WIFI Network Internet speed by running a speed test to make their listing more appealing for those seeking a connected stay.

Tired of unreliable WIFI connectivity or slow WIFI Speed at your Airbnb, Evolve, VRBO or Vacasa property and looking for a backup you can count on? Need seasonal Internet or a connection that doesn’t require wiring? A cloud-managed 4G router is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Bad Airbnb Internet Connectivity = Bad Reviews

Airbnb Superhosts don’t earn that status by providing a mediocre experience.

In today’s digital world, a strong Airbnb WiFi connection is critical. Whether a guest is on a business trip or a family is on holiday and needs to look into local attractions, your airbnb property is meant to be their home away from home – and that means providing reliable Internet with good WIFI speed. Digital nomad lifestyle is also fueling the need for high speed WIFI and reliable internet connection.

There are countless stories out there of guests leaving negative reviews because of poor Airbnb WiFi connectivity. There are even cases where guests have been refunded because this important amenity was not up to par.

Although a refund can be incredibly frustrating for hosts, especially if poor Wi-Fi connectivity is out of their control, a bad review could cause lingering effects. When people are looking to book a stay, they do their homework.

The moral of the story here – reviews matter. They build trust within the Airbnb community and help drive revenue. One bad review could mean the difference between someone booking your property or choosing another, especially if there are complaints concerning your Wi-Fi connection.

As of July 2021, hosts can fill out a Wi-Fi speed check to show both Wi-Fi speed and quality. This data appears in the rental description for browsing guests to see. As more and more guests become aware of this, it will become an important consideration when booking – regardless of one’s purpose for travel.

Bottom line: Wi-Fi continues to be rated the most important amenity in an Airbnb, and not just any Wi-Fi – it has to work. Slow or no Wi-Fi is the second most common reason for complaints, listed above an unresponsive host or unsafe neighborhood. As an Airbnb host, you must offer uninterrupted Internet. Period.

Seeking a More Reliable Internet Connectivity Solution? Pronto Has Just What You Need

The Internet has come a long way over the past decade, with cloud-managed 4G LTE being a major front-runner when it comes to reliability and support. Reliable WIFI Network is required to operate smart lock like August Smart Lock, Security Camera and other smart devices. When using it as a backup source, you’ll never have to worry about a guest’s Zoom meeting cutting out or a streaming service failing.

For example, the PC14 4G LTE Router from Pronto Networks offers the perfect solution for vacation homes and remote areas. This plug-and-play router offers the versatility of wireless connectivity, which is important for hosts who do not have access to wired Internet services.

Other great options include:

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This Complete Solution Is Reliable and Easy to Manage for Superhosts

When partnering with Pronto, you will gain access to a complete solution, including a multi-carrier 4G SIM card, that works on any available major network including AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, available as a service. This means you can use this solution as your primary Internet source or as a backup solution in case your primary Internet service provider goes out. After all, these are the types of things that happen when guests are staying at rental properties, and unfortunately, end in bad reviews. You can avoid this by implementing a backup solution you can count on.

  • Use as your primary source of the Internet if you require seasonal Internet or if wired Internet options are not available.
  • If used as a backup solution, cloud-managed 4G LTE routers act as an insurance policy, ensuring your guests remain connected and you get better reviews.

Best of all, if you have more than one property, you can easily manage them all from a single dashboard. You’ll also receive alerts when your backup Internet kicks in. This is when access to cloud-managed routers comes in handy. You can easily check on the status of your Internet at all of your properties, being the first to know if there are any issues. The key is determining any downtime before your guests do. Taking this proactive approach ensures the best possible experience for your guests, supporting your ability to achieve or maintain your Superhost status.

When opting for a SIM card, you will be able to limit spending, creating policies on how much allowance is given to each SIM. Alternatively, you can choose a Pronto SIM card for backup purposes only, being billed on a per-use basis. This is an ideal option if usage is limited during certain months, as you will not need to commit to a set data plan.

The greatest perk? The Pronto SIM card works on all major cellular networks. Meaning, it will automatically find the best available network in your area.

This provides you with more control and greater peace of mind.

Take Control, Never Leaving Your WIFI Connection to Chance

Tired of unpredictable Internet access? Have instances in the past negatively affected your rating even though you go above and beyond with all other amenities? Take action with a cloud-managed 4G LTE router.

Ready to implement a more flexible, customizable Airbnb Internet solution? Contact Pronto Networks for more info today!


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