How to Provide Broadband Internet Connectivity for Your Airbnb Using Pronto Networks’ 4G Router.

July 2, 2021

You worked hard to make your airbnb property beautiful so that guests continue to write raving reviews. But customer experience doesn’t just stop at the property design alone, you need to look at the amenities that make your customers feel at home. One of the most important amenities is a good quality and always-on Internet at your property. By its very nature internet connection can go down at any time, especially in remote locations, and this results in bad customer reviews or even refunds. As an airbnb host myself, I experienced this multiple times in the last few years, until the idea of using a Pronto Networks 4G router for backup internet became a reality.

Broadband internet connectivity for Airbnb

In order to provide high speed wireless internet connection to your property, that is also secure for your guests, most property owners will purchase a wireless router. There are quite a few options out there but it’s worth focusing on some of the key features that, I believe, have become a necessity. 4G backup is key redundancy and provide an always-on connectivity that can complement a wired Internet broadband from your current ISP. An enterprise grade router can act as an Internet gateway for your entire premises, so make sure you pick something that offers unmatched performance, reliability and expandability all in an easy to deploy package.

Why choose a 4G router as a backup?

In today’s day and age, it is absolutely essential to provide high quality and fast data connection for all your guests. You cannot compromise uptime, especially as more people work remotely. In these scenarios, a good internet connection is essential for video conferencing, collaboration softwares and more. Another article about Bufferbloat and Internet Quality of service gives more insights into how a Pronto Networks 4G LTE Router can guarantee un-interrupted zoom meetings or video conferences even when guests are online, watching Netflix, playing multiplayer games or using streaming services.

How to use a 4G router as a backup

When a network goes down and internet services are disrupted, the first thing a guest does after checking into a property is measure the internet speed and the wifi connection. By using a Pronto Networks 4G router as a backup internet connection for your  Airbnb, you can guarantee a better customer experience for your guests. How? Well, below are 5 ways the high-quality Internet connectivity can make a difference in a guest’s stay: 

  • Access the internet faster. Faster speeds mean a better streaming experience
  • Improve security – A number of new camera products like the Google Nest need a good internet connection. A stable connection ensures that your customers are visiting a safe property.
  • Connect IoT devices – heaters, sensors. All these additional services make your guest stay even better
  • Minimal Interruptions. If you have an ISP line that goes down from time to time, a failover backup can fill in the gaps and reduce internet downtime. No one loves gaps 
  • When you have a very high-speed 4G connection at your Airbnb or any of your online businesses, you can surf the web faster than ever.

Which model of 4G Router is best?

There are many options available based on individual needs. Some Airbnb locations are remote and in an area where the nearest 4G tower can be pretty far. In such cases, an outdoor unit like PP14O installed on a tall pole can get a good LTE signal. Alternatively, one can use indoor models like PP14 or PP41 with an external directional LPDA antenna.

When you manage multiple Airbnb properties as a superhost, won’t it be nice to know the status of the internet at all your managed properties in one place? Cloud-managed Pronto 4G routers like PC14, PC14O give you that ability and you would know first about any downtime before your guests complain. Moreover, if you choose to use a Pronto Networks SIM card with these routers, you can limit spend and set your own policies on how much allowance you want to give for each SIM.

Which SIM card to use?

One of the most common ways most airbnb hosts choose wireless SIM cards is by picking their primary cellular service provider. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile service, you can purchase a tablet plan, typically at about $20/Month for almost unlimited Internet. This can be a good choice if you have good signal coverage from your primary provider.

Alternatively, if you are interested in 4G as a backup plan that kicks in only when your primary wired internet goes down, you can choose a Pronto SIM card that is billed on per use basis only. One big benefit is that you do not need to commit to a data plan and you will be charged based on actual usage only – which could be minimal in some months. A big benefit of Pronto SIM card is that it can work on all major cellular networks and can automatically find the best available cellular network in your area.



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