Let guest connect seamlessly, facilitate ease of management for your staff and position advanced monetization services to bring non traditional ROI to your wireless networks. Pronto Networks provide the complete breadth of services needed to setup and maximize a hospitality network.

Meet Traveler’s Demands

Wireless high-speed Internet access is now a service business travelers as well as consumers are expecting at hotels, convention centers, and other hospitality establishments. Hospitality management operate broadband wireless access as a way to maximize occupancy and must provide best in class services to increase customer satisfaction.

Bring Your WiFi Network Into the 21st Century

Create a welcoming experience while operating a robust property management solution:

  • Robust Gigabit speed WiFi
  • Brandable login pages and differentiated service pricing at different locations, with an organized hierarchy for easy manageability
  • Centralized authentication, billing, and customer registration systems and reports
  • Flexible service plans across locations, within premise
  • Micros-Fidelio Property Management System (PMS) integration
  • Integration with hospitality loyalty programs

Customize Your Onsite Experience

Pronto’s solution offers a customizable, flexible platform that enables hotel IT staffs to quickly and easily modify the service based on daily events, conferences or select promotions.

Learn The Benefits Of Pronto’s Full Hospitality Solution