Clinics, healthcare facilities and Hospitals are faced with a growing demand for next generation tools to power personalized healthcare making today’s enterprise solutions the backbone on which institutions provide an end to end seamless experience . Ensure a memorable and seamless experience for doctors, administrators, patients and their family with Pronto Unifi Healthcare.

Deploy The Most Integrated Networking Solution For Your Facility

Hospitals can prioritize mission critical services without sacrificing public access for staff and clients. Leverage our management platforms in combination with cloud managed WiFi to make sure your facility is outfitted with everything it needs to be successful.

Protect Your Business With Superior Wireless

Pronto Networks 802.11AC hardware guarantees fast access and reliable access throughout your network. Whether you are deploying healthcare devices, accessing electronic patient records or managing the backend operations, the Pronto line of advanced cloud hardware will provide superior performance.

Maximize IT Efficiency

Maintain secure BYOD policies for your staff and provide separate Guest WiFi access to your clients. Set network policies and gear your network to support critical care applications, improve staff communications and process medical images at lighting fast speed.

Pronto Devices Feature:

  • HIPAA Compliance through standard 802.1x, WPA(PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) and encryption key securit
  • Cloud Management platform for central monitoring and management
  • Support for various site application

Talk To A Pronto Solution Expert On How To Best Setup Your Healthcare Infrastructure

Pronto Helped Credit Valley Hospital Manage Their WiFi Network Without Sacrificing Any Mission Critical Operations