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Branch Networks

Branch offices depend on a stable internet connection for everything from sales processing to inventory management to employee communication. Every minute of downtime has a financial impact on the business; hence it is crucial to be prepared for network outages. With the introduction of fast and reliable 4G LTE wireless connectivity, both small businesses and large enterprises have the convenience of setting up Internet connectivity in a matter of hours, without worrying about the availability of broadband services or the need to lay down wires.


Quick Setup:

The PC-31 routers provide seamless connectivity for POS terminals and other mission-critical equipment, ensuring complete business continuity without the hassle.


A fixed network is reliable but is sometimes affected by issues such as cable breakage or power failures. In such scenarios, 4G LTE Advanced serves as the best alternative.

Cost Effective:

Reduce overhead costs with Pronto’s all-in-one networking solutions. This reduces complexity, manual labor and overall operational costs.

Enterprise-grade Security:

PCI compliant and built to secure the modern businesses. Encrypt your network and manage it all from secure enterprise cloud.

Easy to manage & configure:

Pronto’s networking solution can be deployed in minutes, reducing unnecessary manpower and complexity.

Regular Upgrades:

Security patches and upgrades are completely cloud-managed with the Pronto Cloud Controller.

Fast and Easy Deployment:

Zero-touch configuration during installation and instantaneous setup stimulate quick and faster deployment.

Analyze LTE:

Inbuilt reporting allows IT teams to view LTE consumption to support real-time decision making

Up and running always:

Ensures maximum uptime. 4G failover allow POS and terminals to remain connected to Internet, even in the event of landline failure.

Automatic Failover:

Software automatically detects network crashes and switches over to the available 4G network leading to minimal disruption and downtime.

Control 4G LTE Access:

Limit your 4G usage by using firewall capabilities to isolate LTE traffic and easily copy profiles to new sites with the Pronto Cloud Controller.

Optimize Your LTE

Optimize the 4G connection to support high throughput primary access, low consumption IoT support or custom metrics.

Advanced Security and Routing

Branch networks need to benefits from a secure networking solution. Pronto Networks PC-31 lines are purpose-built to protect complex branch network with enterprise security. Paired with pronto cloud, the PC branch routers provide a full-featured cloud management offering.

Manage all your devices from anywhere

Pronto Cloud Controller eliminates the need for on-premises controllers, moving management to the cloud. Rapidly deploy and manage your multi-site wireless network from a single pane of glass. Enable advanced analytics, increase productivity and capture unparalleled value from your network.

Value-added services

Monetize a network through marketing automation and WiFi analytics service packages. The Pronto Networks product line includes the UniFi platform to help network operators understand both authenticated and unauthenticated traffic. Generate detailed analytics dashboard, introduce campaign management to communicate and influence repeat customer traffic.

Branch Networks Solutions Package

The Branch Networks solution offers a complete end to end offering tailored to meet the modern Branch Networks needs.

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