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Pronto Networks 5G LTE Technology

5G LTE Networks are new and so are 5G Routers.

More and more businesses are adopting 5G LTE either to set up a backup network connection or to gain internet access when other means, such as Cable and DSL, are not available.

Apple just launched their Iphone 12 which comes with ability to connect to 5G networks and provide phenomenal speeds. 5G networks are being turned on in many markets. Currently T-Mobile has largest coverage area with 5G signal. AT&T and Verizon are fast catching on.

Imagine you could get download speeds of 300Mbps or more without having to install a cable or fiber network and also get ability to take your network with you

Our 5G devices just let you do that. PC51 is a fully cloud managed 5G LTE Router with built in WIFI6 (802.11ax) and multi-gigabit ports.

Let us know how you plan to use such high speeds and low latency in your business or home network.

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