4G Offering

Pronto Networks industry leading 4G solutions allow network operators to build, manage and profit from
complex 4G enabled wireless installments.

Pronto Networks offers a full set of solutions that network operators can use to deploy industry leading 4G LTE. Benefit from automatic failover, best in breed hardware and extensible cloud management.

High capacity WLAN offering

Integrated LTE-Advanced for
fast and reliable 4G network

Enhanced network security

Pronto Cloud Management combined with Pronto Networks failover router are a disruptively priced option for mobile networks. Applicable to transportation departments, mobile command centers and more, access to mission critical application while on the go is now a necessity.
Leverage 4G LTE to power on-board telemetry, surveillance, and more.

Mobile ready LTE offering

Enterprise mobile cloud management

Integrate & support IoT
for transport vehicles

Support your IoT platforms with high availability 4G LTE offering, advanced cloud management and an enhanced level of security.
Pronto Network’s IoT gateway routers are simple to deploy and easy to maintain.

Built in IoT security

IoT device visualization

IoT gateway cloud management

Pronto Networks offers a full suite of outdoor device with embedded LTE modem to support remote networks.
Leverage solar powered mesh APs with ruggedized outdoor LTE offering to power rural or mission critical outdoor networks

Solar mesh AP connects with
LTE backhaul solution for mission critical outdoor networks

Outdoor LTE for high availability 4G networks to power connectivity

Support outdoor IoT and bandwidth intensive technologies

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